ASIS International has set the standards for certification in security for over 35 years.

Certification plays an important role in the security industry by identifying high professional standards. As an indicator of qualifications, certification is documented evidence of expertise and experience. It is an objective means of distinguishing highly competent security practitioners from their less experienced peers.

Events of the past decade have led to a fundamental shift in the security landscape, resulting in an ever-increasing demand for heightened security to protect people, facilities, assets and data on a global scale. Today, more than ever before, organizations place a high degree of importance on hiring, contracting with, and promoting credentialed security practitioners.

ASIS International administers the following certification programs:


Certified Protection Professional (CPP®)

This certification designates individuals who have demonstrated competency in all areas constituting security management.

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Professional Certified Investigator (PCI®)

Holders of the PCI® certification have demonstrated education and/or experience in the fields of case management, evidence collection, and case presentation.

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Physical Security Professional (PSP®)

The PSP® designation is the certification for those whose primary responsibility is to conduct threat surveys, design integrated security systems that include equipment, procedures and people, or install, operate and maintain those systems.

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